Selena gomez dating nick jonas proof

They claim that Hudson is basically just doing her Jonas boytoy a solid and freeing him up to enjoy the groupies while touring with Demi Lovato.Of course Kate Hudson has kept the whole split amicable because when Nick is in town, she’ll be sure to keep the “Jealous” singer entertained.“We used to do the Disney Channel Games, which was a good time.


"I don't think [Disney Channel] were willing to work with us, really ever. But the question is, does Brenda regret her Disney roots considering the "kid-y" stigma that often comes along with it?“I think people loved because Hannah did seem real," Miley continued. I think it got harder when I started touring as both — I toured as Hannah Montana and as myself..."Now that I’m older, I realize that’s a lot to put on a kid," Miley shared.


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