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In the end you're not choosing to stay clean, you're choosing to stay ignorant. ” Let's get one thing straight: like orientation, race, or gender, HIV status does not define a person.

Secondly, people have every right to treat their medical information as private and cofidential until there's a need for you to know that information.

claimed men with a long ring finger on the right hand have a high sex drive and large testicles. The study revealed further personality traits that can be pin-pointed through physical appearance alone.

According to the research, if a man has an angular jaw this is linked to poorer quality sperm.

If you’re offended he didn’t share his status in the first three messages, ask yourself what you haven't disclosed to him. Because HIV can have a long dormancy period, many HIV-positive people do not know exactly when they were exposed.

Health departments do reach out to a person's past intimate partners when they test positive, but they do not share other people's private medical information.


"Oh" and "Ah" are veils to hide a sense of entitlement.Even worse, thanks to a report from Buzz Feed News, it was revealed that the company has been sharing its users' data (including their HIV status and GPS location). If you were in person, you'd be excused for taking a moment to figure out how to respond. You may not think that’s why you wrote it, but it is.The subliminal message is “we could have had fun but I have zero interest now.The US research claimed women with larger chins are more sexually active and more likely to cheat in relationships because of the higher levels of testosterone found in their bodies.

The gay hook-up app, Grindr, is anonymous — which is of course what makes it wonderful — and what opens the door for trolls spewing hateful comments with virtually no consequences. ") But when you're writing a response and you choose, “Oh…” or “Ah…” it's for one reason only: to make him feel bad.#5) “I’ll bareback, but only if you know you’re undetectable.” Again, stop depending on poz people to take precautions for you. Maintaining your sexual health is up to you — no one else.


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