Sex dating in bobtown pennsylvania


One of the state's three largest public crime labs is Allegheny County's Office of the Medical Examiner.In 2015, the General Assembly passed Act 27, which established stricter timelines for law enforcement to collect rape kits and send them out for testing.Corbett has promised will become "the Texas of natural gas" -- isn't a picnic under the best of circumstances; scores of neighbors have complained about polluted drinking water or foul odors or ailing pets and livestock, of headaches and nausea and skin rashes.But the people of Bobtown who endured the Chevron blast got a sweet -- or rather savory -- consolation prize for all that Chevron recognizes the effect this has had on the community.) the pizza shop and confirmed that about 100 of the certificates were distributed by Chevron.) Of course, a cynic would argue that a lifetime supply of pizza -- even with those cheesy breadsticks thrown in -- wouldn't be worth the health risks of having a massive fracking rig next door.On the other hand, I see a possible new marketing campaign for Chevron: We guarantee your fracking rig won't explode, or your pizza is free!We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations.We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment…


Will Bunch has worked at the Daily News for 20-plus years and is now senior writer.

Since 2005, he’s written the uber-opinionated, fair-but-dangerously unbalanced opinion blog "Attytood," covering a range of topics (but mostly politics and the media these days); it’s been named best blog in the state by the Associated Press Managing Editors and best blog in the city by Philadelphia Magazine.


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