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Texas law also prohibits the sale of alcohol in any "sexually oriented business" in a dry county.

Strip clubs in these dry counties often sell "set ups" (a cup with soda, ice, and a stirrer to which one can add their own alcohol) and have a BYOB policy to allow patrons to bring their own alcohol into the establishment. Virginia also restricts the sale of hard liquors (or distilled spirits) to State-run stores, or VA ABC stores.


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A bill passed in 2003 by the Texas Legislature allows for Justice of the Peace precincts to host alcohol option elections.

To date, this law has allowed many JP precincts, particularly in East Texas, to allow a vote that has resulted in many previously dry counties becoming "moist" and allowing sales of beer and wine, but not liquor.

The newspaper demonstrates how variable the alcohol laws can be, even within small geographic areas. Move to Burleson, which has alcohol sales in the Tarrant County portion of the city but not in the Johnson County side of town." Today beer and wine can be purchased in all parts of Burleson.

The only places in the county where liquor can be purchased are a couple of stores inside the city limits of Alvarado.

Clay County was the last county in the state to prohibit all alcohol sales countywide, but became partially wet on March 1, 2016, when two cities in the county voted to authorize alcohol sales.


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