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The "Take Flight" mural, which features the phrase "18 in 2018" over a pair of colorful bird wings, was designed by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission to encourage voter registration for the younger generation ages 18 to 29."This age group represents the lowest group of registered voters in Arizona and across the nation," a CCEC statement said.

Augmented reality is a type of technology that allows users to look at something static, like the mural, through a phone camera and see it come to life.

They’re passionate about specific issues and they’re passionate about street art, so we want to combine the two.

And we also want to emphasize that you’re an adult now, you have an opportunity to cast a vote that can make a difference in your community.”Google's global education evangelist Jaime Casap was the keynote speaker for the round table, and Roberts said he emphasized the importance of reaching out to the younger generation in a way they will appreciate or understand."He talked about how with Gen Z, technology and leveraging that to connect with them is important," Roberts said. They’re our new customers, and that idea of meeting them where they are stuck with the commission."Roberts said they determined street art and augmented reality videos that users can share on social media seemed like the perfect way to connect with the younger generation."We know this group.

The 13-year-old boy told police that Loofborough had showed him photos of her breasts and genitalia.


Kara Loofborough, 26, admitted to both acts when she was arrested on April 20, KPNX reported.

Valley muralist Lauren Lee poses in front of her latest piece in downtown Phoenix.


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