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After this I put my hand on the shoulder as she is looking very sexy and her eyes are becoming red while talking I took a french kiss on her sweet lips while she was holding my head and pressing me.I removed my lips and said thanks to her and then I started the car and left.I have been viewing a lot of stories from quit some time and now I want to share one my experience with you. My name is Nick Gates and at that time I was working in abroad since a long time and I was having a girlfriend, who was living with me at that time.One day I got a fax from my father in India and it said that my mother is in hospital so come soon. There I saw a lady with my Mother I asked my Father who is she and he told me that she is the cousin sister of my mother.She was now Pinching on the tip, licking the balls and kissing the cock very affectionately.Then suddenly she gulped my cock and started to suck it.She got aroused fully by that and she told me to take off her dress. Her huge pair of voluptuaries' hooters was in front of me and I asked her size of it. Can you believe it' I was squeezing her tits and her nipples got red by squeezing.


When I went there in the night I saw her waiting for me and she was wearing only a pair of bra and panty.

She was sitting at back side of the car when I am driving every time I was looking her from the central mirror she would noticed it . After some time I told her to wear only sari as it looks great on you.


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