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Cependant, veuillez garder à l’esprit que la version HTML-5 du site offre des fonctionnalités plus limitées (qualité vidéo non optimale possibilité que les diffusions soient retardées).Nous recommandons que tous nos utilisateurs optent pour la version Flash du chat (actuellement utilisée).The car was fine, but she just fancied a change – a friend of hers had just got a new Merc with built in Sat Nav, and she loved it. " I answered: "I've seen you around the mall car park – I think ur very sexy, but I don't know ur name" My pulse was racing, I had just told mum I found her sexy.She put an advert in a local car magazine, along with her mobile number. Yes, I know it was crazy, but at worst, it would only cost me £50, at best….. I bought one of those cheap 'pay as you go' mobile phones. Texting mum in this way was crazy, if she found out, I was in real trouble…. BEEP "The car has been round the block a few times, but is in excellent condition, just like her owner! God, if she finds out it's me she'll tear me apart. I imagined her sitting at her desk in work, phone in her hand – punching in her texts. ME: I know what u look like, this would just help to visualise you more, and yes, I'm in bed too….I was going to anonymously text mum and see if I could have some fun. Maybe she wouldn't text back thinking it was one of those 'junk' texts that are really common now. " She answered, not exactly an insightful response, but on further consideration of the original question, I couldn't really expect anything else. "R u interested in buying car, or just chatting me up! My next answer could potentially end our seduction. " An open question, designed to leave it difficult for just a yes or no answer. Again, after a few minutes, I got the following reply……. My mum was not only turned on by texting a stranger, but now was openly fantasising about screwing her son.I sat down with my new phone, just fresh out of the wrapper, new SIM card inserted, and placed it on the charger. I thought carefully of my reply – I needed to prize out more than a one word answer. I've always appreciated mature stock" Right, this was it, I'd either totally offended her into ignoring me, or intrigued her. As I sat at my PC in my study, I will admit to getting really turned on by texting mum. ME: I've always fancied older woman, & u r stunning – where r u texting from? MUM: I've got black lace panties, I'm still wearing my stockings, held up with a black suspender belt. MUM:bob, yes I am a horny mother, fuck me, fuck me son…. I now didn't need to hold my ear to the wall any more.Ironic really, as that was the business she was in – and had been responsible for buying the house in the first place.

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