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Continue reading: 'You're Next': What Has Made Critics Rave About This Slasher?



The filmmakers seem determined to make a film without a single gun, which is intriguing until people pick up a tiny steak-knife to defend themselves when the handy baseball bat would be a lot more effective.Continue: Dragon Blade Trailer Wildly over-praised by audiences desperate for a scary horror movie, this film has little more than the germ of a solid idea followed by a series of predictable cliches.It's a clever twist on the violent home-invasion scenario, fraught with family tensions and shifty characters.Continue reading: You're Next Review is finally out in the US two years after it first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Adam Wingard movie took its time reaching cinema release, all the while building up its underground status and critical appreciation.As they are forced to work together, Erin rises to the challenge, leading the defence against the invaders.


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