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The star took to his band's Facebook yesterday to laugh off the rumours and praise "fantastic" Sheridan.Andy wrote: "The press stories regarding Sheridan Smith and I are so wide off the mark it’s laughable."For the record Sheridan is a friend of mine who I hung out with along with her family up in Doncaster just a few weeks ago."Unfortunately somebody has decided to sell a ridiculous and inaccurate story about it all which is very frustrating," Andy continued.THE MODERN DAY DATING COMMANDMENTSHere, she talks terrible first dates, why she's the last person who should be dishing out dating advice and her biggest turn-offs. I'm in two of the episodes, on two different dates. Did you try internet dating, y'know, in the name of *cough* research? Well, I've got lots of friends who have done it, so I spoke to them, really, and heard their funny stories. GET INSIDE HIS MIND AND FIND OUT WHAT HE'S THINKINGWhat's the biggest turn-off in a man? ' Obviously, [my mother]'s not going to be around to share in any of the fun and excitement of it all, so this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all,' William explained at the press conference announcing his engagement.


In now-deleted tweets obtained by The Sun, Sheridan said she was "single!!!

An insider has now said they are concerned by Sheridan's habit of opening up about her private life on the social media site."No one can understand why Sheridan makes her personal life so public on twitter when her career is in this amazing position."It is not the sort of behaviour you would expect from such a well-respected actress."The source added: "She has no trouble attracting men, so to drive her entire romantic life through social media seems odd.


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