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Any person who obtains for consideration the sexual services of a person under 18 years of age (in other words, has commercial sex with such a person) commits an offence and may be punished with imprisonment of up to seven years or a fine or both.The term sexual services is defined to mean sexual services involving sexual penetration of the vagina or anus of a person by a part of another person's body other than the penis or by anything else, or penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth of a person by a man's penis.Vietnamese prostitutes in Singapore charge high prices for their services.Apart from these regulated brothels, commercial sex workers can be found in many "massage" or "spa" establishments.Prostitution in Singapore in itself is not illegal, but various prostitution-related activities are criminalized.This includes public solicitation, living on the earnings of a prostitute and maintaining a brothel.



The sale of women and girls into prostitution was banned in 1917.

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