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I will throw Terry Bozzio into the hat for being unworldly skilled, powerful, able to groove, rock, and do completely impossible experimental melodic hand/foot combinations. Here is the late great Jim Chapin on the moeller technique. I want to try and control the stick, rather than allowing the stick to do what it needs to, if that makes sense.

The moeller technique is known by most jazz greats. Jo Jo Mayer Is the first drummer I watched to point out this method. And that's where Moeller, and Jim Chapin, and Dave Weckl, come in.

Anyway, I read a "greatest drummers" list recently and although they were both on it, there were several which I, not being a drummer or knowing any better, find it hard to believe were not. OK you drummers, give more your educated opinion.i would say vinnie from pantera would have to be right up there, that guy is amazing! also the drummer from godsmack, shannon larkins, u have to find his old stuff when he was still in a band called wrath child america, its really kick a$$ stuff This all depends on what type of music you are talking about.

Such as buddy rich, steve gadd, vinnie colaiuta and dave weckl. Rock is more rythmic, but with great solos, but again rythmic with a certain beat, over and over, a few changes and carry overs when the song calls for it.

We are looking for a front man lead singer to go out and play live and also to record studio tracks aswell.

We have been working together for over 4 years now and want to take our music on the road. •Is confident with their playing speed and technicality. m/ m/Experienced Bassist with Backing Vocals , I have a drummer in place and we are looking for a third member of a proposed Trio.

He gave birth to guys like Simon Phillips (Satriani, Toto, The Who) and Carter Beauford of DMB. I have been trying to learn the Moeller method, but I have health problems and motivation problems. It's not hard to do double-stroke rudiments, but allowing the stick to rebound twice is really hard for me.v=Xumv4ZVvb Mk Contact Paul 07793 755771 or [email protected] for a drummer in a indie-rock band Already have a bassist, vocalist, Rythm guitarist and lead guitarist. We need a playing frontman/woman comfortable with both genres.Drummer ages 12-16 (If you want to want to message me can you message me on insta @louhughess coz I don’t wanna pay to see people’s messages on here???? Woodbridge based, looking for a singer/rhythm guitarist. Steve Gadd is maybe the greatest and most prolific all-around (pop, pop-rock, jazz, fusion) drummers-- brilliant and legendary.

Vinnie Colaiuta is also brilliant and has a Tony Williams style.

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