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If non-married couples were excluded, then there would be no obligation for same-sex couples to be included.

On 8 September 2016, the Parliament of Aruba voted in favor of an amendment to the Aruban Civil Code legalizing registered partnerships for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

The court upheld the decision on 23 August 2005, stating that: "The Dutch marriage can be inscribed in the register.

Since Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it must comply with demands of the Kingdom." The ruling was based on Article 40 of the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which states that civil certificates are valid throughout the Kingdom. Oduber reacted to the decision by declaring: "We give neither legal nor moral recognition to same-sex marriages." The Government appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.


The Government appealed the ruling to the Common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

On April 13, 2007, the Supreme Court declared that, in accordance with the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, all marriages contracted in the different parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, should be accepted in the other parts of the Kingdom as well.


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