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Therefore, it is much more complicated to develop and implement coherent communication strategies.

These points explain why it is critical to organizations to effectively manage its communication function.

Throughout the Web blog, several reasons for this trend are explained.

In the 21st century, the function of communication is critical to every organization.The business case is: In a country like India there are over 20 million pending cases in courts.Imagine both sides of lawyers and the judge all having access to a system like this - cases could be resolved a lot faster and time spent building defense/prosecution would be a significantly smaller.My idea was to use an Erlang map reduce system to help fan out the queries which are dispatched to an underlying Prolog knowledge base (Erlang supports something like Channels/Ports).


I have a bias towards ideas which have a social impact.Only one account (whoishiring) is allowed to make regular feature posts that we don't kill as duplicates. Experiments are worth trying, but this one has gone on for a month now and I don't think it has cleared the bar [1].


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    But changing the way you think can help with the constant self criticism and your reaction to the criticism of others.

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