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Da teilweise bis zu 120 Personen an einem Face to Face Dating in Hamburg teilnehmen, verteilen wir das Event auf bis zu 20 Bars.Dabei besuchst du natürlich „nur“ 3 Bars an einem Abend.Treffe an einem unterhaltsamen und spannenden Abend in einer entspannten Location mitten in Hannover viele nette Singles in Deinem Alter.In 7 Minuten lernst Du beim Speed Dating die unterschiedlichsten Menschen kennen und entdeckst spannende Gegenstze oder vertraute Gemeinsamkeiten.However, we haven’t often mentioned speed dating, which, if you think about it is a sort of cross between online and real life dating.

SLow Dating are pretty confident about the success rate of their events – so much so that they even give customers a guarantee that they’ll meet someone they’d like to see again in one of their events… Most of you probably know how it works – there’s an equal number of guys and girls in the room.

The women are sitting down and the men move round the tables until everyone has met once. Yes, it’s quite enough if you’re one of those funny and witty guys or girls who just knows immediately what to say and how to say it but for mere mortals these four minutes could prove to be excruciatingly embarrassing or tongue-tying. You could prepare a list of light-hearted questions that show interest towards your date but aren’t too deep.

You get exactly four minutes with each date, which is enough for you to decide whether you’d be interested in meeting again or not. You could talk about holidays, favourite movies or books, sports and about things you like to do.

After all, speed dating is a social event and if you’re not too inclined to being social there’s not much point in going along to a speed dating event.

Speed dating can be great fun if organised properly.Jeder Teilnehmer hat einen individuellen Ablaufplan. Jeder ist also zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten in den jeweiligen Bars. Dafür bekommst du jede Menge Spaß und lernst 12 neue Leute kennen. Selbstverständlich könnt ihr aber auch eigenständig Nummern oder Facebook-Daten austauschen.


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