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Mr Hammond added that half of drivers flouted the 70mph rule anyway, and most police authorities turn a blind eye if drivers are caught at 80mph.

But there are worries that if the official limit is put up to 80mph, many will start to drive at 90mph.

The best speed limits are limits that drivers understand and respect.

If people think they can speed on motorways and get away with it, they are more likely to speed on urban roads.

On , Tim Pickersgill repeated his feat from last July and rode from Oxford to Cambridge , starting from Farringdon, and again riding his fixed-gear bike!

He reports that riding solo this time meant he paced himself better and so his overall time was over an hour quicker (yet!

On Saturday 16 July 2016, Tim Pickersgill rode from Oxford to Cambridge , in the course of riding 329km from Faringdon (SW of Oxford). He used the Kingswood diversion to avoid Ashendon hill which, under the circumstances, is quite understandable!

He provided helpful updates about the road closures at Ampthill/Flitwick, Brickhills, and Ashendon—none of which were sufficiently closed to prevent passage of a bicycle—and mentioned pub and coffee shop in Quainton which is cyclist-friendly.

On Saturday 24 September 2016 and the overnight thereafter, Mark Charlton rode it Oxford-bound.

Amazingly, it was the second half of an 18-hour, 206-mile overnight ride from Lincoln to Radley (arriving 9am Sunday), and he rode the Cam-Ox section almost entirely in the dark and the rain. On Sunday 14 August 2016, Alessandro Abate made his third annual ride of the route, Cambridge-bound; he completed it in just over 5 hours which is extremely good going!

On Friday 17 February 2017, Roger Bryan rode it Oxford-bound in 6h15m as part of a ride home to Swindon.


The weather permitted him to sit outside in the sunshine enjoying coffee and cake in Woburn—“Not bad for February”!I only ask because I can personally barely remember a time when I managed to keep my foot down far enough on the gas pedal to get up to the current 70mph limit, let alone creep up to the 80mph limit the transport secretary proposed yesterday.'Opinion surveys show that the public will only support increases if they comes with full enforcement, which is not possible in the current economic climate without a massive increase in the number of speed cameras on our motorways.



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