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Suite 1Holdrege, NE 68949308-995-8493Ginger's Deli has a broad choice of Meats, Cheeses, Sandwiches (Hot & Cold) Bakery Treats and Beverages. Ginger Will Be Happy To Assemble Any Meat, Cheese, Veggie, Sandwich, Desert, Cheese Cakes, or Fruit Tray To Fit Your Occasion! "Be on the lookout" Years ago when the Gold Nugget was owned by a couple, the owner had hired a gentleman to help him run the bar.

One night he caught his wife with the "nice fellow" in the bar and they were not serving drinks. It's rumored that at times there is an extra bartender working the tables in the backgroud, but that when you look directly at him he is not there anymore!

EMMA CHASE CAFE317 Broadway Cottonwood Falls, KS [email protected] night jam session at the Emma Chase Cafe began October 1, 1999.

Now, 13 years later, the Friday night PM jam sessions continue.

While your here you might as well try our special fudges that we make ourselves. Original to the building, antiques fill many of the shelves including items prepared when the building housed a pharmacy in the early 1900's and equipment used in the store over its years as a soda shop.

Or you can pick up a gift or souvenier for yourself or a friend. A large mural enhances the north wall with a scene of a 1950's soda shop.

Our steakhouse is not just about jaw dropping authentic old west ambiance.

Our food is just as amazing with Cowboy barbecue prepared fresh everyday.



A casual yet modern cafe environment, Milk & Cake is great for enjoying a sweet treat with friends or just indulging in the moment.323 Upper River Road Gallipolis, OH [email protected]'s American Grill is the newest dining destination in Gallipolis.

Add to that western characters and talented musicians and you have a dinner to remember.



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    “We are so pleased to see the turnout today and high level of interest from South Asian American women wanting to get more politically engaged,” said Kiran Gill, Board President, ISAAW.

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    It isn’t easy but each day I gain strength and re read your posts. You had the strength all along; you are more beautiful, strong and resilient than you even know. This moment just gives me an opportunity to work on myself and my goals and to better myself. They are soo inspiring Through these blogs I have now gain a sense of things that I couldn’t really understand. And the girl he was messaging within days is now the girl he’s seeing. Getting stronger on my own so my next relationship is a healthy one!!

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