Speed dating events in bangalore


Keynote Talk by Krishnan Raman, Founder & CEO, Flutura Decision Science about the importance of #First100Days 2.

Investor Panel titled “VCs are from Venus, Entrepreneurs are from Mars”, spearheaded by Kae Capital’s Shubhankar Bhattacharya Surge Conference is one of the largest marketing conferences in Bangalore which happens usually in February every year.

Followed by this, is the Smart CEO Startup50 Awards that aims to reward, recognize and honor startup entrepreneurs who’ve built wonderful businesses in a short span of time.

Few highlights of The Smart CEO Startup50 Conference and Awards- 1.

This Summit follows a hybrid model that presents the speaker sessions and panel discussion together and help dive deeper into the topic of discussion.



Click Asia Summit is Asia’s largest digital marketing Summit which focusses on the digital transformation of business.

For product marketers, new product developers and product innovation seekers this conclave is the right platform to view some of the best product exhibits which can turn your way of thinking and helps in designing future products.



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