Speed dating in gloucestershire


The beautiful city of Gloucester lies in the South West of England and has lots of places of interest to see, great restaurants, fabulous bars as well as lively night clubs.


Based in London but with contributors from all over the world, in 2014 Paper Journal will continue to grow with a series of independent exhibitions, printed publications, talks and events.Rachel also has experience in working directly with young people through arts and education organisations, including Encounters Film Festival, Envision, Future First and Southwark Theatres’ Education Partnership. Webster After 15 years gaining experience in ad agencies and production companies, Ed joined the start up 4 Creative to run their off air production and talent spot and commission Art Directors, Writers, Photographers, Illustrators and crew to collaborate with.He is also Creative Director at White Cloth Gallery, an innovative film and photography events space in Leeds, UK.

Mc Diarmid Niall Mc Diarmid is a photographer based in London.Foto8 supports photojournalism to shine a light on subjects that shape our world.



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