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The old frame was a single downtube assembly while the new is a double cradle chassis.Both have 30' head angles and the same engine location.Another internal alteration has been made to the top end.Rather than retaining a floating rod crankshaft Suzuki has fixed the lateral movement of the beam by placing thrust-type shims on either side of the small end of the connecting rod.All of these changes have given the Apache an entirely new personalitydifferent than its predecessors, different than its competitors.The previous two Apache models, though not extraordinary machines, were darn good combination street and trail motorcycles.The present major changes should make the new Apache a better dirt bikehence a better street machine.With their virtually untapped experience and knowledge of building world championship motocrossers, Suzuki should be able to make the Apache a better dirt bike with little effort.

At 271/2 pounds the mild tubular steel frame is no lightweight, but it is strong.

Other near-invisible changes have occurred in the gearbox. First is now 2.285:1 and top is .807:1 in the "L" model compared with 2.066:1 and .840:1 respectively.

The new first and fifth gear-ratio changes were made to improve low speed trailing.

But the speed differences between the old J and K models compared to the new L version are minute. At a constant 4000 rpm the J and K models went 50.3 mph in fifth and 17.6 in first.

The L version does 49.9 and 19.5 mph in the same gearsa reduction of 0.4 and 1.9 mph respectively.This fixes the rod's side play by locating it on the wrist pin.



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