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Maybe it's because I love zombie movies and horror films and the idea of Burt narrating a scene of a man walking up the 13 steps to meet a giant cloaked figure was great theatre of the mind. It's one of those long songs that only GW purists who know about. Most of it was miserable garbage like Cat Stevens, The Fifth Dimension and Don Mc Lean (Say! ), but there were a couple of winners in there - I think More Of The Monkees was in there, featuring the smash multiplatinum hit single "Your Auntie Grizelda, and I know for a fact that The Doors' Waiting For The Sun was in there too. Some of his stuff is pretty funny, and nobody should have to die that young. I love the guitar playing in that song - especially those high harmonics he hits during the changes - gorgeously bitter sad!

Historians tend to ream this particular era of The Guess Who, proclaiming that they were a third-rate early-60s rock band with no unique style.

They were there with other brand new unknown artists like Led Zep, Johnny Winters, Sly and The Family Stones, BS$T, Al Kooper, Frank Zappa and the Mothers etc.

The GW by far blew everyone else away, and when they did Friends the crowd went wild and for a lot of us, that song drew us in to buy this album and become a true GW fan.

Laughs aside, the instrumentation is always topnotch (except during "Friends Of Mine," when they sound like they don't know what they're supposed to be doing), the melodicism is very smart and usually singalongable and, when he's not acting like an idiot, Burton's voice is a wonder of nature, going from low/mid crooning to really cool intense screaming in the blink of a blinkity fellow. As for the BC Doors/Morrison rip off..crazy..he was influenced at the time by Jim but he was only paying tribute to him and at the same time showing how talented he was.

New producer Jack Richardson has brought out the drums to make them ROCK harder, and the band itself has really found its style - I don't think I'd call it "Wheatfield Soul," but certainly "Wheatfield Pop/Rock." They sound like a bunch of normal guys from the heartland of America (I don't know much about Canada, but apparently they're from the heartland of Canada), but with a lot more intrinsic musical talent than people from this region normally have (see Bachman/Turner Overdrive). I saw the GW in concert quite a few times and the first time I saw them was at the Laurel Pop Festival in Maryland.In particular, the 10-minute jamthon "Friends Of Mine" is the most atrocious, STUPID Doors ripoff that you're likely to run across this side of "The Celebration Of The Lizard" by The Doors.



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