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Stay in the moment, have fun, and trust that what is meant to be will be.Many couples break up during the uncertainty stage. You can use what you learn when you date someone new.Beyond making a commitment not to date others, decide what you both want the relationship to mean.You might want to spend more time together, exchange high school or college rings or make family introductions.When you are infatuated with someone, however, it is tempting to skip over the early steps and jump straight into a committed relationship.Practice slowing down while navigating the uncertainty stage of your relationship.The couple walks off into the sunset to live happily ever after.So, for a lot of real life couples these days, when the first stage of a relationship starts to calm down, they begin to wonder, “Hang on, is this the right person for me?



There are five stages of a relationship between a man and a woman. According to scientists, at this stage of a relationship, natural chemicals are released in the brain to make a couple want to be together, have sex and stay together long enough for offspring to be created.

Release your feelings of being judged by turning the tables, suggests clinical psychologist Seth Meyers in Psychology Today's "4 Rules for Surviving Dating." Use positive self-talk to remind yourself that your job is to focus on how you feel about the other person.


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