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Two of the feet are dark purple, and the rest of its body is dull red.On the bottom, it has a vertical mouth that opens to reveal a single eye. Referred to as "Foot Arm Mutant" in the model sheet, a cluster with a light green head that has one eye and mouth on its face, a light blue body and left hand, a giant green foot as its right arm, and purple lower body.Two Clusters are sighted across roads and taken to Dr.Maheswaran's workplace, mistaken as victims of car accidents and treated by doctors at the Hospital.According to Garnet, the four Gems were the shattered fragments of shattered Crystal Gems. The limbs are in various colors such as orange, teal, gray, blue, and a dull purple. The cluster with the same appearance made a cameo in "Earthlings", which was not explained since the "Hallway Mutant" was bubbled, and most Cluster Gems are unique.The location of its gem is unknown, assuming it is visible. Referred to as "Mouth Leg Mutant" in the model sheet, a cluster that has 6 feet but uses 4 of them as arms.



This is the second time where the Cluster Gems are shown to have facial features (i.e., mouth, eyes); the first time being "Keeping it Together".

His influence on physical comedy is rivaled only by Charlie Chaplin.


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