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Weather madness hits the Northern Hemisphere as extremes are recorded on both sides of the Atlantic.

While parts of the US are colder than Mars and are expected to have the coldest New Year’s Eve in living memory Holland is enjoying its warmest New Year’s Eve in living memory.

US politicians known to be padding their pockets with drug money will find this confiscated, and that includes Herbert Bush, the drug Kingpin.

None of these matters will be in the press, per se. Is it still alive and flying around as many witnesses testify year after year?

Under these circumstances, the Earth can go into opposition, where instead of trying to align end-to-end with the stronger magnet, it points its Magnetic N Pole directly at Nibiru.

Thus where Siberia would normally be pushed away to where it would receive less sunlight, it is now facing the Sun more directly, thus warmer.

I'm aware some planets fail to navigate their crises successfully, such as Maldek, the current asteroid belt. Is Sweden's history of peaceful oligarch overthrow common or very rare?

This followed by the retirement plans of the FBI’s second in command, Mc Cabe.

The Saudi Arabia purge of princes involved in looting the Kingdom’s treasury, which we reported was to block an attempted assassination of the King by the Soros crowd.

These are all clues as to the pertinence of Trumps National Emergency order, and clues are all you should expect to receive.

In that public awareness of Nibiru, and what its passage will mean, is pending and urgent, there are more important matters to address. It means that all Hillary funds, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, will be confiscated.


She and Bill accepted deposits from African dictators known for their human rights abuses. Any Saudi funds on US soil that the King cannot access will be confiscated. The thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture.


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