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Groth envisioned a village along Cedar Creek and parceled out his land for those who would in the future build businesses and settle permanently. His untimely death in 1850 kept him from continuing land developments.

Groth eventually included all of north Cedarburg, everything above the interurban tracks to Bridge St. In 1845, Frederick Hilgen and William Schroeder saw what Groth had envisioned. Frederick Boerner, they found financing for further development.

The prospective owner intended to tear them down and build a gas station and a mini-mart.

Then mayor, Stephan Fischer, told him he would need a demolition permit.


In December 1844 it was agreed that the town be named Cedarburg.

Since 1974, many buildings in the city of Cedarburg have been added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

The individual sites, combined with the Historic Districts, include 216 buildings.

There was no such thing, but it bought enough time that the buildings could be saved.

William Welty bought the buildings on the corner and street, opening a restaurant.Frederick August Leuning, who immigrated to the area in 1843, built a cabin near Cedar Creek on what was later the east end of the city.


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