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In "Officers Only", the next episode, Henry comes out of O.

into the scrub room with Watson and tries to carry on where he left on a few episodes ago.

Yes, your online conversation is completely confidential and secure, and you can remain anonymous.

The part of Lieutenant Watson was the second credited role for actress Sheila Lauritsen who is also one of the five nurses in the opening sequence shown running towards the chopper pad.

But this doesn't work as she leaves saying, "Doctor, you're naughty." Henry chases after her but is intercepted by Hawkeye and Trapper who are trying to get his support to open the Officers' Club to all enlisted personnel.

He is shown dancing cheek to cheek with Watson in the Officers' Club as the episode ends.

Our urgent care locations are open for extended hours seven days a week.



She tells Watson to be more careful the next time as they might have had to open up the patient again.

The nurse can even reserve an appointment at some urgent care centers or pre-register you at an emergency room.



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