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Gorgeously shot, wonderfully acted, this is a creepy delight.sees a concierge secretly breaking into the homes of the people he’s supposed to serve to try to make them as miserable as he is.


Yes, it’s found footage, and yes, it’s a little bit on the silly side – it chucks in quotes from Dante and a few too many sad-faced ghosts – but some of the scares along the way are properly frightening. Eleven years ago, Alan (Rory Cochrane) bought an antique mirror… According to the police, they were murdered by their 10-year-old son.One of the most stylishly shot found footage movies you’ll ever see, the makers know the rules of the genre well enough that when they break them, it adds to the story rather than detracting from it. sees a would-be doctor battling the forces of evil for her daughter (and her sanity) even as everyone around her flees to safer ground.The juxtaposition of earthly and unearthly threats makes this a uniquely terrifying film, and Shideh (Narges Rashidi) is a wonderfully complex and sympathetic heroine.Fittingly, it’s got the hallucinogenic quality of a fever dream, and the various incarnations of Death are wonderfully creepy.

A group of explorers heads deep into the Paris catacombs, only to find they’ve gone a little too deep and stumbled into an alternate dimension that might actually be Hell.

Spooked, the guests start recounting their own stories of the uncanny, each more unnerving than the last. Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) died in a car crash, which is bad enough, but when he tentatively begins a relationship with his co-worker, Holly (Abigail Hardingham), he finds himself haunted by Nina. She materialises in his bed every time he and Holly have sex – she might be dead, but she’s not letting go.



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    They’re still kids.”While the academic studies aren’t in yet, she says she has seen a lot more seventh and eighth graders in her practice who are suffering depressed reactions or engaging in dangerous risk taking after their romantic and sexual lives, and breakups, were exposed on the Internet.

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    Most of the other lesbian chat rooms on the internet revolve around adult content.

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    Bhansali's muse Aishwarya Rai Bachcan came with husband Abhishek Bachchan.

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    Once you’ve got her attention, you need to keep it.

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