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Whether date only (AD-RST-E) or time and date (AR-RST-E) these special units are designed for validating bank documents.Individualized removable dies are engraved with teller number or other identification. These plates can be used on any -RST machine, thus allowing tellers or other operators to change work stations.Solid-state circuitry for consistent impressions and troublefree use on any AC outlet.


Stamping pressure can be increased for offices that need to penetrate through multi part carbon forms Instant heavy duty trigger operation instantly stamps the date 1-3/16" to 2" adjustable throat depth accommodates different size forms Machine comes equipped with lock and key system for added security Optional die plates for text available.

The trigger can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations.

Another important feature - the stamping blow can be increased to penetrate carbonized forms, also pressure sensitive carbonless forms. Easy change ribbons advance and reverse automatically.

Time stamp is versatile, featuring high quality, clean crisp imprints.


It is compact and offers a wide variety of desirable features.

", so they'll find a newspaper or other conveniently dated artifact instead.



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