Top 10 most intimidating animals

Although the exact riddle is not mentioned in early Greek legend, the popular version of the story tells that the Sphinx poses the following riddle to the young traveler…Oedipus correctly answers the riddle: Man- who crawls on all fours as a child, then on two feet as an adult, and finally (with the help of a cane) on three feet during the sunset of life.Having been bested at her own game, the Sphinx throws herself from a high cliff.He attached a large chunk of lead to the end of his spear. Just as the Chimera opened it’s mouth to scorch the hero with fire, Bellerophon drove the lead into the creatures mouth.The fiery breath of the Chimera melted the lead and caused the creature to suffocate and die.Fearing their power, the cyclops were thrown into the pits of Tartarus by their father Uranus.The monsters remained imprisoned when the titan Cronus overthrew Uranus and took his place as ruler of the universe.With Pegasus saddled, Bellerophon flew to the lair of the Chimera in Lycia.


However her frightening appearance, and her ghastly tendency to feast on human blood and flesh, more than warrants her place as number seven on our list.

The Chimera is traditionally considered to have been a female, and was said to have given birth to the Sphinx and the Nemean lion.


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    But don’t be lazy and start hitting on people today.

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    Following Time's lead, we reported that although radiocarbon tests have dated the shroud to 1260-1390 A.

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    In 1990 he played his first acting role as Kevin Brady in three episodes of The Bradys, a six-episode television special and a spin-off of the popular show The Brady Bunch, then in 1991 as Macaulay Culkin in the episode “Home Alone Again” of the sketch comedy series In Living Color.

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