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The Tigers averaged 465 yards and 32 points per game under Ensminger but he was still using Cam Cameron's playbook. I understood the offense -- don't get me wrong because I'd been around it for three years and everything else -- I knew I could call it. I was hesitant to do it." Instead, LSU went out and hired Matt Canada away from Pittsburgh but the results weren't ideal. We're going to put a great staff around him." Orgeron has completely changed the offensive staff since he took over as the head coach.

During his introductory press conference on Thursday afternoon, Ensminger laid out the plans for what will become his offense as the full-time LSU offensive coordinator going forward but at admitted he was hesitant to take the job following the 2016 season. The Tigers and Canada parted ways following the 2017 season and LSU coach Ed Orgeron turned to someone he trusted with the offense in Ensminger. Heading into the 2017 season Orgeron hired Tommie Robinson as the running backs coach and Mickey Joseph as the wide receivers coach.

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I do know I look forward to those three quarterbacks in the spring and putting them in the position to be successful and see what they can do." While some players are transitioning to their third offensive coordinator in three seasons - and four if you count Ensminger twice - Orgeron feels the players will be able to pick up the new offense rather quickly.

With that staff, Ensminger will implement his offense and how he wants to get things done.


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