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Even the mildest of actions can be seen as bringing somebody’s masculinity into doubt and prompting them to flail about in an attempt to reaffirm their man credentials.

In fact, a research study at UC Berkeley has found that when men feel that their masculinity has been threatened, they overcompensate in response by doubling down on stereotypical masculine traits – especially in areas that involve demonstrations of male dominance and homophobia.

This need to continually reaffirm one’s masculine credentials means that you literally cannot relax; you are forever in danger of having your own man-card taken away by other men.




It’s a way of putting on a performance of manliness, making as large a show as possible to reassure the gender police (other men) that they are indeed as masculine as they can be.So too are the attitudes of the Red Pill sub-reddits and the Men Going Their Own Way forums; the stated goals of both are to “retake” men’s value back from the women who have reportedly “stolen” it.


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