Updating access database with


In case of error, the "make" command will stop and will not invoke the "mv" command, so that Postfix will keep using the existing database file as if nothing happened.To find out what database types your Postfix system supports, use the "postconf -m" command.This used to be safe, but as Berkeley DB has evolved to use more aggressive caching, file locking may no longer be sufficient.Furthermore, file locking would not prevent problems when the update fails because the disk is full or something else causes a database update to fail.This is not an issue with the CDB database type available with Postfix 2.2 and later: CDB creates a new file, and renames the file upon successful completion.



aliases.db: postalias mv db access.db: postmap mv db virtual.db: postmap mv db ...etcetera... # make postmap mv db # The "make" command updates only the files that have changed.Local files have few surprises, and are easy to debug with the postmap(1) command: Once you have local files working properly you can follow the instructions in ldap_table(5), mysql_table(5), pgsql_table(5) or sqlite_table(5) and replace local file lookups with LDAP or SQL lookups.



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