Updating adobe reader in the enterprise

Update: checkout these notes about Rdr The easiest way to get the required files (MSI-file, plus MSP-files if applicable) is to extract them from the EXE installer .

The latest EXE always contains the same MSI as the first EXE of the same series (the one with zero as third part of the version mumber), plus an MSP which can patch that to bring the version number to the current one.

7zip cannot see the included MSP-files, so you'll end up in most cases with an outdated MSI-file, and the MSP-file(s) required to do the update is/are missing.

The extraction must be done with a command like and copy it into the same directory, then double-click the script.

You can tell incremental MSP files by their file name: it contains "incr".

This description was written for branches 10 and 11.

The user has a corporate webapp that is supposed to display reports in PDF form using Adobe Reader through an HTML frame.

The version of Reader included in the image is Adobe Reader X.


What most likely happened is that you did download a (IMHO horrendously crappy) install manager instead of the actual installer.Instead you must run several complicated commands to convert them into the ones that are required for GPO deployment.This web-page helps you to do the required steps, and it provides a script to automate some of the steps of this process.Adobe believes that this is better for individuals…

However, it is possible to get the actual installer from the Enterprise section of the Adobe website.

I downloaded and ran the installer from the Adobe website and got a message that said "The Installation process failed. The is was confusing enough since I was definitely updating from X (an older version) to DC (a newer version).



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