Updating disaster map


Firefighters were able to contain small blazes Tuesday night, but the larger flames are proving difficult to stop.

The Creek Fire has consumed 11,377 acres, and the original Thomas Fire has already charred 50,000 acres and eluded containment, the Ventura County Fire Department reported."We had a very rough night," Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said.

Extreme winds, which are predicted to reach 40 to 60 miles per hour through the county, are helping the fire move quickly and knock down power lines and trees, according to the Los Angeles office of the National Weather Service.

The most recent fires are still small when compared with the October fires that burned more than 128,000 acres of land in Napa Valley—about eight times the size of Manhattan—and killed 31 people.


The west side, where streetview is available and where you have the video marked, does not have any fence matching that pattern of vertical poles.

All the icons moved to weird locations far from the town.

I recommend the original author remove the "anyone can edit this" option.

Here is a screenshot of the map after I attempted to restore it, in case it happens again: seek out aid groups and charities to help those in need.

I played on the playground across the street from the blast site with my brother as a child, a few houses down from Grandma's home, both within a few hundred feet of the blast.I've tried this on three different computers, with two different internet providers and I've tried different days of the week and at different times, daytime, evenings, nights and mornings but it's always the same.



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    The real life cam stream channels will take you to one of them.

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