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The Fox creates an object reference to the object passed as part of the URL and calls the specified method.The object is persistent so repeated access to the object is very quick as the object is never reloaded unless explicitly unloaded (more on that below).Once your code gets control you can use VFP as you see fit to run queries or run any other kind of transaction or logic operation using Fox Pro code.The end result of each exit point of your method must be a HTTP compliant string.With multiple instances of the same server, requests are served to all server instances as needed.


Fox ISAPI works by calling an ISAPI script from an HTML HREF or form link.

This would cause an authentication box to be thrown up by the browser.

You can then check the password entered as passed back in a the Authenticated User CGI variable to determine whether to allow the user in (actually NT will first fail the user if the user is not valid as per the User Manager).

Especially when running under Windows NT 4.0 special steps have to be taken to make sure Automation servers can be properly created by the Web server process which owns the Fox ISAPI process that calls your Automation servers.

BTW, the same rules apply to Automation servers called by Denali!#DEFINE CR CHR(13) CHR(10) DEFINE CLASS TFox ISAPI AS Custom OLEPUBLIC FUNCTION Helloworld LPARAMETER lc Form Vars, lc Ini File, ln Release Flag LOCAL lc Output *** HTTP header - REQUIRED on each request!



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