Updating firmware bdp s300


i've not tried a lens cleaner, though i've seen that suggestion somewhere else. burner is quite old (Lite On SOHW832) but has the most up to date firmware (VSOM) which i've confirmed.

based on some other reading, i used a program to back up my burner's firmware, then view the write tables and it clearly shows the ritek and TY discs as being supported. i'll keep poking, starting with getting familiar with using Img Burn. Does it break the encryption AND compress or do i still use dvd shrink, then use Img Burn instead of Nero to burn the dvd? They cause the disc to warp, and furthermore, it's variable, dependent on temperature and humidity. You can do a search for "sticky labels" and read some long threads on the subject. Do you have another burner with which you can burn some test discs? And you haven't said if you use verification and/or ISO compare on your burned discs.

i have an older sony bdp-s300 blu ray player that i've had for years.

last night i went to watch tron on blu ray and it kept pausing.

i checked it with several ripped dvd's and it seems to be only with a batch of ridata discs that i have had for some time.

now, i know these worked previously as i have created a dvd with these discs of our wedding and had ripped something as recent as 6 months ago with these discs which i had watched.


- Please remove Micro SD card before the firmware upgrade. share - Enhanced handling for DVDLITE module - Update to new kernel to support SSD formatting and ... Fixed TV or Receiver tv modes are not updated when TV is turned on after player on issue - Fixed some MKV has more ... in your country or location before updating the firmware. i'll search for documentation on Img Burn and get a little more familiar with that. strict instructions, such as: make sure that the firmware you have downloaded is compatible with your device, ... - Back up any important data before the firmware upgrade. - Copy the downloaded firmware updater to the UTILITY folder. Designs SDK with playback engine and HDMI driver update - Fixed some DVDLITE has wrong sequence of ... Play HDP-R1 firmware update (For NTSC TV system user) - Please ensure ... A./Canada) About Media Player Firmware: Installing a firmware update for your Media Player improves the general ... if it's just the player, how can i ensure that if/when i buy a new blu ray player, that the burned dvd's will work on it? please let me know if you guys have any ideas or if i'm just stuck. First things first: 1) You haven't told us your burning procedure. For good measure, use the ISO compare function as well to be fairly certain your burns are good. [EDIT] One more thing, and it's so basic it can get overlooked. If that's what you're doing, there's the answer right there. i am a creature of habit and have used the same burning sw procedure since i first started burning dvd's 5 years ago.

I'm not at all convinced your burns are as good as you seem to think. Just because one player is okay with a disc doesn't necessarily mean it's going to play in another set-top player. 6) If none of the above resolve the problem, then maybe the BDP-S300 is indeed dying. i use dvd shrink and burn directly to Nero from shrink.

now, the wedding dvd and the most recent ripped dvd reads "cannot play disc".



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