Updating google cache

To ensure that the data that is stored in the cache does not become stale and to avoid network overload, the software updates its cache at a random point in time. Field of the Invention The present invention is generally related to the field of caching, and, more specifically, to systems and methods for updating a cache. Discussion of the Background A cache is a data storage medium that is used by software (e.g., a computer program) to store recently accessed data that was retrieved from a relatively slower storage medium.The purpose of a cache is to speed up subsequent access to the data.Click “Web” from the drop-down menu and then click “Fetch.” Wait until the status reads “Successful,” click “Submit to Index” and then click “URL.” Warren Davies has been writing since 2007, focusing on bespoke projects for online clients such as Psy T and The Institute of Coaching.This has been alongside work in research, web design and blogging.A system and method designed to reduce network congestion.In one aspect, a system according to the invention includes a server and two or more clients. The software requires data that is stored at the server.Google have combated this by introducing a new submit a url after fetching as google bot.

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Return to the Webmaster Tools screen, click “Verify” and then click “Continue.” 5.



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