Updating jdk

If you are using Cent OS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 or higher, or Ubuntu, which use AES-256 encryption by default for tickets, you must install the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy File on all cluster and Hadoop user machines.


When a new version is found we ask your permission to upgrade your Java installation.

You can schedule how often to check for updates, or check manually at any time.

By enabling your system to check for the latest version, you keep your system secure with the latest patch updates.

Java 6 has reached its End of Public Updates, which means there will be no further public secure updates for Java 6.

It is recommended that Java 6 be removed from your computer to make it more secure.

Oracle Corporation Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - January 2018 Corporation Release Notes for JDK 8 and JDK 8 Update Releases Corporation Release Notes for JDK 9 and JDK 9 Update Releases Corporation Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap Oracle Releases January 2018 Security Bulletin https:// If you have any information regarding this alert, please contact JPCERT/CC.



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