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Grub finds one system image, the freshly installed one, /boot gets populated, but system still runs kernel mentioned above. Following netboot idea I checked google again, this told me there is an option in OVH web manager version 3 to change net boot settings.

This and the above symptoms puzzle me greatly: how exactly this machine boots in the first place? I use manager v.6 to tinker with my VPS (they say the functionality is moved there), I found no such option there, previous manager versions don't even see my VPS. I want to run standard repository kernel on this VPS, would also welcome any explanations on how this setup works and why is it so problematic, because right now I feel rather confused :) You cannot run your own kernel on a VPS using Open VZ.

This ensures that your system is in a good shape for the update to Stretch.

While you can install Debian 8 Jessie fresh, you can also upgrade from Debian 7 Wheezy quite easily, which is what we will cover here.apt-get update;apt-get upgrade;wget -q https:// /etc/apt/sources.list;apt-get update;apt-get upgrade;apt-get dist-upgrade;apt-get autoremove;cat /etc/debian_version;echo "The above number shows the current Debian version.You would have to upgrade from OVH's VPS Classic service to their VPS Cloud service, which runs VMware and would allow you to run a customised kernel.



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