Updating scott 350 tuner

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Darryl Wilkinson has written for both print and online publications such as Home Theater Magazine, Digital TV & Sound, and Electronic House. Prior to his reviewing career, he spent almost 14 years working for independent AV stores in both retail sales and purchasing.

Further, the Harmony mobile app on a smartphone or tablet provides remote control and access to your system and smart devices from anywhere via the internet.

Scott engineers cleverly resurrected the 300/320 tuning gang, but thankfully left the more complex dial-cord string and slide-rule dial inventory untouched.

To accommodate a matching power amp; Scott offered the optional, 208 Power Amp; a modular piggy-back, design derived from the 7591-based 299-C amp.

The Remote Assistant feature is like a built-in help desk.

If the remote fails to perform a task you expect it to (such as turn up the TV’s volume), you can follow the Remote Assistant’s guided suggestions to quickly resolve the problem.

Both units were professionally ungraded with new caps and the old selenium rectifiers were replaced and any resistor that was below par was replace. I spent over 0 on getting these running the way I wanted. As a Tuner/Preamp (similar to the older 331-series) the 355 had no basic power amplifier section like the 399 Receiver.



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