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Recently, one of readers users asked if it was possible to regenerate PDF thumbnails for old uploads in Word Press?

In Word Press 4.7, you now have thumbnail previews for all new PDF files.

I was using windows 8.1 -- which didn't have this problem -- when I upgraded to Windows 10.

I like everything about Windows 10 so far EXCEPT this.

Before you move on, please make sure that you are using Word Press 4.7 or higher.

Also make sure that you have imagemagick extension installed on your server.

My video thumbnails in the explorer preview pane wont update.

Visit developers site = A link to the software developer site.However, this change does not affect older uploads.In this article, we will show you how to regenerate PDF thumbnails in Word Press for older uploads.You Tube tests a new version of its player that will improve the way you interact with videos and will create a cinematic experience.


The player will add a feature that was already available in Google Video: jump to any part of the video even if the video isn't fully downloaded.For each video, you'll be able to see around ten related videos.



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