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"Clients shouldn't worry about tipping a certain percentage, but should tip the amount they feel comfortable with." When hiring a bus, taxi or limousine service, be sure to check that company's policy on gratuity.Some strictly forbid it, while others build it into the rental price.Oro Gold was obstinate and further insulted me by offering a 0 refund for the 1.50 worth of products that I purchased.When to tip and how much to tip can cause anxiety for some people.Either way, while tips are expected by most restaurant servers, service companies say they don't take tips for granted and equally appreciate a positive review or recommendation.

Any sign stating their return policy was intentionally obscured and Dana stamped the receipt "NO REFUNDS" only AFTER running my credit card.

If there's no box, give a couple bucks to whomever performed the final touches after the wash.


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    In a bar bumped into a friend of a friend, at the end of the evening he asked for a ride home, it was on my way so OK plus I was deciding if I found him hot or not - good looking but something not quite hitting it for me. he's making it very clear that he'd like me to go inside with him when I drop him off.

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    Mark Tyrone Thomas, 39, has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

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