Validating package spec

JPA, JSF and EE integration are present at Appendix D, Java Persistence 2.0 integration, Appendix E, Java Server Faces 2.0 integration and Appendix F, Proposal for Java EE integration for archive purposes, one should refer to the respective specifications for the up-to-date integration rules.

The changelog can be found at Appendix G, Changelog.


That regular expression accepts ipv4 address like where 009 in Linux is considered an octal value so the address is not the one you thought.

)\b"; I adapted the regular expression taken from JGsoft Regex Buddy library to C language (regcomp/regexec) and I found out it works but there's a little problem in some OS like Linux.

|1\d | 0x0*[0-9a-f] # Hexadecimal 0x0 - 0x FF (possible leading 0's) | 0 [1-3]?

cat ipv4_validation_Full Match: 10.2 Partial Match (IP Extraction from line) - sfds10.2kgfd da.255adfdsfds sfds10.2kgfd NO Match 3...3 127.1.

[\d])) Notepad Replace String Option 1: Replaces the whole IP (NO Change): $ Notepad Replace String Option 2: Replaces the whole IP octect by octect (NO Change) $ .$ .$ .$ Notepad Replace String Option 3: Replaces the whole IP octect by octect (replace 3rd octect value with 0) $ .$ .0.$ NOTE: The above will match any valid IP including for example and change it to which is wrong and not very useful of course.

The technical objective of this work is to provide a class level constraint declaration and validation facility for the Java application developer, as well as a constraint metadata repository and query API.


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