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The craft beer alone is worth the drive over the bridge, but Spinnakers also offers a tasty gastro-pub menu and one of Victoria’s best patios (the view has to be seen to be believed! Settle in for sunset, watch the lights coming on over the water and enjoy an unforgettable date night.

Dating in Victoria means having easy access to one of the most romantic places in Canada: the heart-stoppingly pretty Butchart Gardens.

Of course, relaxed doesn’t have to mean boring – at least not in Victoria!Another place to experience the magic of Victoria is by taking a stroll along the Breakwater.


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    He quickly decides to propose to Elizabeth when he is led to believe Jane is taken. At a ball at Netherfield, Elizabeth reluctantly dances with Mr. Other than Jane and Elizabeth, several members of the Bennet family show a distinct lack of decorum. Bennet hints loudly that she fully expects Jane and Bingley to become engaged and the younger Bennet sisters otherwise expose the family to ridicule. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, who rejects him, to the fury of her mother and the relief of her father. Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, are also visiting at Rosings Park. She rejects him angrily, stating that she could not love a man who has caused her sister such unhappiness and further accuses him of treating Mr. Wickham proceeded to waste the money and, then impoverished, demanded the living again. Lady Catherine, having heard rumors that Elizabeth intends to marry Darcy, visits Elizabeth and demands that she promise not to accept his proposal.

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    Over 500 lots of antiques, fine art, silver and more from local estates. Location: 1200 Mc Gill College (Rogers Building) Call Valerie at 416-477-8156 for more...

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    Our unique dating tools mean you’ll never get bombarded with unwelcome messages, you get to choose who can and can’t send you messages.

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    Sam Elliott was born on August 9, 1944, in California. Tragically, when Sam was 18-years-old, he father died of a heart attack.

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    You can browse Chat Hour members in other locations by clicking here.

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    From regular special event nights to our famous free-to-attend Laissez-Faire parties where you are free to mingle with up to 900 people in attendance, there's always something on for you to meet new people in a fun and relaxed way. Date discovery Our incredible date matching device allows you find people who like doing the kind of stuff you do in your free time, saving on those endless "what do you want to do? Create your own fun date and get asked out, or ask out a Lovestrucker with a unique date idea!

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