Video dating a blind girl


At first, she was attracted to the sorts of silly, viral videos You Tube is known for — ones of cats doing funny things and pandas sneezing.

The videos were a welcome respite from the turmoil in her daily life.

As a child, Burke was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which causes deterioration of the cells in the retina.

Her vision began degrading continuously over the years leading up to 14, when she lost sight completely.

Burke is now 23 years old, and her Youtube channel has a sizable following of 207,701 subscribers.She speaks with hand gestures and body language that seem completely natural, much of which she attributes to muscle memory and practice ahead of time (prior to filming beauty tutorials, she’ll pick up and put down brushes and palettes over and over again until she learns where everything goes).All of these things defy stereotypes perpetuated in media portrayals of blind people.On Twitter, Burke documents all of what she calls her “blind girl moments” with the hashtag #blindgirlproblems.


To address the misconceptions and stereotypes she faced in online comment sections, Burke began creating matter-of-fact, myth-busting videos that cover everything from dating as a blind person to why some blind people keep their eyes open.

Commenters would watch her videos, and then proceed to conclude that she didn't look blind to them.


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