Vietmamese dating etiquette

However, in some circumstances such as university or one partner working abroad, it can be much longer. On the day, the young man will travel with his family to the young woman's house bearing gifts of betel nuts, cake, wine, cigarettes and so on.

Young women wear red ao dais and a banquet is held after formal rituals are performed before the ancestral altar.

They each carry a tray covered in a red cloth, or alternatively a large red and gold canister, containing gifts of betel leaves, areca nuts, wine, fruit, cakes, tea and so on.

Each young woman hands her male counterpart a small amount of money to designate that they are ‘working’ – there is a superstition that being an unpaid helper at a wedding will mean that you won’t marry.

Shortly before the groom’s party is due, the bride slips away to don her wedding dress.

Gifts from the groom's family The groom’s parents and immediate relatives are preceded by an odd number of young men smartly dressed in shirt and tie, and dark trousers.

In return, the guests give envelopes containing wedding cards, money gifts and a blessing to the newly wedded couple.© Haivenu – all rights reserved.


By accepting the toast, the bride’s parents symbolically agree to admit the groom’s party.Every comb means something, but the most important is the third comb - at that time she will ask for luck and happiness her new home.On the big day, the bride’s family and invited guests assemble at her house to await the arrival of the bridegroom.The possibility of being left on the shelf is frightening, especially for women.

As the deadline draws nearer, individuals’ and families’ criteria become looser – better an unsuitable partner than no partner!The Master of Ceremonies then advises the wedding couple on starting a new family and the two sets of parents take turns to share their experiences and give blessings.


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