Vintage singer sewing machine dating

Because these threads are interlocked rather than interlooped, the 300 class is better known as the "Lockstitch" class of stitches. The same plane controls precision measurements in all following operations.The most popular stitch formation in the 300 series is the 301 stitch which is often referred as a "plain stitch", "straight stitch", or plain "lockstitch". Although the article states; In one minute it can throw up to 1,500 stitches into your lady's crinolines, it was a very conservative estimate for the article.The new Slant-needle sewing machine has a 9 degree inclined needle-bar.Singer built an entirely new style electric family sewing machine, embodying many exclusive features that simplify operation, making sewing a pleasure.

It has been found that if the parts are inclined less than about eight degrees from vertical a clear stitching point is not obtained and the machine elements are located in such a position that they are likely to be contacted by the operator's head or face when they lean forward.

Engineered for precision, sewing ease, extremely reliable, built to be sturdy and withstand daily use and abuse, and last a lifetime.

It would be the first family sewing machine ever made that was a cabinet and portable all in one.

It was patented to Singer Manufacturing Company on 5 February 1946.

The inclined needle bar would become known as the "Slant-needle" and engineering of this new machine would continue over the next several years.Was it simply a coincidence or was it Singer's intent to name this new revolutionary machine after the stitch it sews. It passes through point A, a real point of vantage common to both parts.


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