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Brandon is hard at work on his first novel, Eden Lost, and he lives in New York City with his partner, artist David Berube, and his boss, Mimzy Lacy Berube de Campos (their dog). Read memorials by Brandon's friends and colleagues.It's with heavy hearts that we share that Brandon passed away unexpectedly on Friday, Nov. November 5, 2012 - Why Voting Matters: Barack Obama, I Got You -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos October 16, 2012 - Volttage: A Dating and Hook Up Site for POZitively Sexy People -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos August 6, 2012 - What Do Justice for People With HIV, the Working Poor, People of Color and Women Have to Do With Christine Quinn?But an obligation to disclose does NOT absolve YOU from making a sexual choice that you later regret. So, about a month later, I showed up to an apartment in Brooklyn where Jack asked me to strip down to my underwear (I wasn't wearing any), and then he said, "No problem," and pulled out a stack of maybe 60 pairs. In the end, the photos turned out ABSOLUTELY amazing. In 2006, the Star Tribune named him a young policy wonk for his political shenanigans.Except the cases of rape or incest or maybe an intentional needle stick, the transmission of HIV should play absolutely no factor in the criminal legal system. His writing and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies including, most recently, Mariposas, edited by Emanuel Xavier and published by Floricanto Press.You are the reincarnation of a goddess and you fall in love with a god who you must help absolve his sin, but he commits another sin by falling in love with you. The shooting star turns out to be a group of beautiful gods from the heavens. Hence, what they do not possess and truly need..your love.The story begins the evening of July 6th, the day before the Star Festival is held at the planetarium you work at.Show me a poz man who hasn't experienced at at least half a dozen instances of shocking and hurtful ignorance when disclosing his status, and I will show you the magical leprechaun that I keep chained in my pantry making Lucky Charms whenever I have a hankering. while I have a healthy and sometimes overly healthy ego, the one place that breaks down is around my body, but ... I thought, "what the hell," and I sent the pictures along.


Thinking that it's a shooting star, you run out onto the balcony, but don't see anything out of the ordinary.

In fact, it is has been shown to keep people from getting tested. This fall, his work will appear in the academic text Queer Twin Cities, published by the University of Minnesota Press.



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    A dress or skirt with several petticoats under it was said to have “lots of pouf” to it, a frequent compliment made among women.“Prissy”..adjective, refers to the fussy way little girls manage the skirts of their dresses, bouffant slips or petticoats, always putting their hands behind them and smoothing their dresses under them when they sit down “like Mommy does, ”fluffing them up, smoothing away wrinkles on their dresses with their hands, primping or getting Mommy to re-tie the bow or bows on their hair, and always being careful to stay nice and clean “like a good little girl” when they play.

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    For instance, offering services in a manner that meets the environmental, economic and social (triple bottom line) expectations of all stakeholders will create a solid foundation for increasing shareholder value over the long term. Canada-based Suncor Energy for instance, uses the Life Cycle Value Assessment tool to facilitate “integrated decision making that takes into account long-term triple bottom- line benefits and impacts, not just short-term paybacks”.

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