What is the difference between rowupdating and rowupdated

NET 2, and has many enhancements, including automating many common functions like editing/deleting/sorting/paging (if using a Data Source object). The Form View is designed to view/edit/insert one record at a time (as opposed to the Grid View/Data Grid which show multiple records in a grid).

As for the Data Binding syntax, Eval is used to just display data (for example, in the Item Template of a Form View), while Bind is used is used if you want to display and also retrieve the value when updating or inserting a record (for example, in the Edit Item Template, or Insert Item Template of a Form View). Aaron Sorting, paging, and in-place editing of data requires additional coding when using the Data Grid control.

If you are working in a designer, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, you can take advantage of designer features built into the Grid View control.

The Grid View control includes support for a smart tag panel that provides a convenient interface for performing common tasks, such as setting properties and launching template editing.

· A Customized pager user interface (UI) with the Pager Template property.

Differences between the Grid View control and the Data Grid control include: · Different custom-paging support.

Unlike the version 1.x Data Grid, the Grid View can render on mobile devices, too.



The Gridview control provides you with option for Paging, Sorting, Formatting with a click of a button as compared to the datagrid control which required a bit of programming for the paging and sorting.

In contrast, the Grid View control takes advantage of the capabilities of the underlying data source and automatically deletes or updates records.

Note that the Grid View control also supports the classic binding mechanism based on the Data Source property and the Data Bind method.

The Data Grid in version 2.0 can also render adaptively, but its UI capabilities are not quite as rich as those of the Grid View. NET 2.0, the Data Grid control has been enhanced to support common control features such as themes and personalization.

In addition, the new Data Grid control can be populated by a data source control.However, you shouldn't expect 100 percent compatibility between Data Grid-based code and new Grid View-based code.



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