What to ask before dating someone scary dating singles and personals


And maybe most importantly, it’ll let you know if your interests are compatible.“People typically hang out with people who are similar to themselves, so if you start hearing of activities that you would never ever do then that is a big warning sign,” she says.

“If the person says that they don't have anything fun they like to do, that is also a big warning sign.

(In my mind, his unwillingness to train his coworkers was the last straw in my decision to let him go–so the opposite of job security.) I don’t there’s any way to have John interview the contractor without risking that he’ll figure out that you’re working to replace him. But really, would you trust John’s input on the contractor anyway?

“In addition, you get to learn about their friendships—which of course, ultimately says a lot about who they are.”Similar to ‘What do you like to do for fun?On this team of 10 people, I have 2 people with skills to support a particular product, John and Jenny.



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