Who is andre harrell dating frends dating

June Guaraldi graduates from Abraham Lincoln High School, in the center of San Francisco's Sunset District.

July-August Guaraldi gets his first commissioned gig, performing at a summer resort in Yosemite.

Gaillard abandons the endeavor after only a few months; new manager John "Jimbo" Edwards remakes the place into Jimbo's Waffle Shop, and begins to host after-hours jazz sessions.


For reasons that are debated to this day, the club is given the name the hungry i. [At this time, Tjader is most often a member of Dave Brubeck's Trio, alongside bassist Ron Crotty; sometimes Tjader also performs with Brubeck's Octet.] Unspecified Eric Nord sells the hungry i to Enrico Banducci. Cable Car Village, in San Francisco, as part of the Chuck Travis Quartet, with Travis, tenor sax, Charlie Price and Pat Krilitich.Unspecified Seven-year-old Vince's mother, Carmella, begins giving her son piano lessons.



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